All I Want For Christmas Is You

Boys, boys boys.  Don't you love shopping for them?  I've always gotten excited about getting gifts for boyfriends and have usually had their presents wrapped and hidden away beneath my bed weeks before Christmas.  The Gift Guide: Men's Edition was fun to put together because there's so much great stuff out there for guys (the list could go on), and unlike their female counterparts they generally don't go out and buy them for themselves before you have a chance to.  

  1. Ralph Lauren Paulson II Shearling Slippers $75
  2. Jack Spade "Dart" Duffel $395
  3. Burberry Camel Check Billfold Wallet $250
  4. Anthropologie Horned Beauty Bottle Opener $28
  5. Kiehl's Since 1851 Ultimate Man Collection $50
  6. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch $236
  7. ImagineNations "To The Rescue" Globe $299
  8. Jay-Z's Decoded $26
  9. Olympus PEN E-PL1 Digital Camera $550
  10. Persol® 0649 Sunglasses $310


For The Girl Who Wants Everything

I intended to start my collection of gift guides (more to come this week) with a stocking stuffer edition but, as always seems to be the case, it proved much easier to accumulate a list of pricier finds.  So while I promise that the stocking stuffers are still to come, here are some holiday gift ideas for the fabulous girl(s) in your life...even if that fabulous girl just happens to be you.
  1. Hunter Original Wellies, Aubergine $149 
  2. Coach Quilted C Gloves, Berry $128
  3. Club Monaco Noel Seed Beaded Pillows $?
  4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted Crossbody Bag, Gunmetal $148 
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Alta Printed Modal-Weave Scarf $180
  6. GHD Purple Indulgence Professional Styler $230
  7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley Hammered Silk-Satin Top $250
  8. Burberry Dégradé Checked Umbrella $150
  9. Tim Walker's Pictures $79
  10. Swarovski Nirvana Tanzanite Ring $220
  11. Diane von Furstenberg Mariela Printed Laptop Case $135
  12. Tiffany & Co. 1837™ Cuff In Sterling Silver, Wide $605


The Cutest Girl In The Office

{Elie Tahari Pre-Fall 2011, New York}

The best thing about fashion is that there is ALWAYS something new, and right now it's the pre-fall lines.  How cute is Elie Tahari's?  You may not see his looks breezing down a red carpet anytime soon, but Tahari has made a name for himself designing chic & luxurious office basics.  Don't you just wish you could pick an outfit from his collection for each day of the week?   I'm loving the fur accents and the equestrian feel of the brown leather gloves.  Work might not always be fun, but dressing for it definitely can be. 

-images via style.com-   


You're What The French Call "Les Incompétents"

{Great Christmas Movies}

It's December, and it's been snowing here for days.  Outside my window is a sea of white, and the onslaught of inclement winter weather doesn't seem to be stopping.  They're calling it "Snowmageddon".  140cm in 4 days.....and counting.  We're getting buried, but I can't say that I really mind.  It's not especially cold, and it's gorgeous out.  It is however making me want to curl up inside with hot chocolate & warm blankets and have quiet, early nights....preferably with Christmas movies.  Home Alone might be one of my all-time favorite films.  Both of them.  And while they will always top the list, there are definitely a few others that always make it in to the annual holiday rotation.  Here's my top 10:             

  1. Home Alone
  2. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
  3. Love Actually  
  4. The Grinch
  5. Harry Potter - I know, not technically a Christmas movie, but something about the soundtrack and a chunk of it always taking place at Christmas makes me associate them (particularly the first one) with the holiday season.
  6. The Family Stone
  7. The Santa Clause
  8. Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas)
  9. Elf
  10. The Holiday


Things We Love

{Kate Spade's Things We Love}

Kate Spade has put together a new book based on the popular "Things We Love" section on their website katespade.info.  Its premise is an inspiration board come to life, giving us a sneak peek into what gives the amazing creative team over at Kate Spade New York their inspiration for the bright, fun, charming designs they churn out season after season.  I love their colourful collection of favorite things, from glittering confetti and peonies, to vintage typewriters and zebras.  Unfortunately, the book is not yet being published for public sale - which hopefully changes, because it would make a perfect addition to any girl's coffee table or library.  In the meantime, we'll have to settle for the preview pages.


Sick Days

I am hiding in my bed, sleeping off feeling sick and over-tired and trying to get in as much rest time as I can outside of work.  Meanwhile my to-do list is getting ever-longer and accumulating items at an alarming rate.  Tomorrow productivity will have to resume....  But until then I'm laying low (at least until my shift starts) and copping out of a real post for the day to instead share this photo of what have to be the loveliest shelves I've ever seen.  I'm a little OCD so I'm loving the colour coordination.  Add a dressform, Chanel bag and some framed photographs and I think they're pretty much perfect.


Marc Jacobs Loves Decorative Nutcrackers Too

The marketing campaign for Marc Jacobs' holiday 2010 handbag line is right up my alley.  Decorative nutcrackers, tinsel, Christmas lights and reindeer?  I'm sold.  Of course it doesn't hurt that his purses are gorgeous too.  While my favorite part of holiday collections is generally the fact that they usually include an abundance of sparkle, Jacobs played it safe with his, and I like it.  The classic silhouettes and neutral colours make them perfect everyday bags year round, and easy staples for any wardrobe.  Always nice when you're justifying a slightly higher price tag. 


Haute Holland

{Jantaminiau S/S 2011}

A beautiful collection, all lined up and ready to go by conceptual Dutch designer Jan Taminiau.  Known for his bold, feminine style Jantaminiau's new designs are unique and contemporary, skillfully treading the ambiguous line between delicate and strong with intricate detailing and embellishment complimenting impeccably constructed garments.  As one reviewer put it, they are clothes for a woman who enjoys being "outrageously charming"...and don't we all.  
Check out a lovely backstage video from his F/W collection below:    

-images via AfterDRK-


Little Things

{Stained Glass Window}

Last night I finally got around to painting my chalkboard accent wall, and today I'm doing the living room and office walls and doors.  It feels good to be making some progress on the small changes I want to make to my place and I'm anxious to get my new drill (aka dad's old drill) next weekend so that I can finish everything up.  Amidst all the change and home improvement I took a few photos of the existing things that I love around my house, just the way they are.

{Radiator Decorative Detail}

{Juliet Balcony Railing}

{Antique Sconces}


Winter Wanderer

{New York}

It's Friday and I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than go to work.  It's hard to drag myself in and try to power through the day, but looking forward to the things I'm saving up for makes me excited and reminds me that in the end it all pays off.  Rome in December, Paris in January and New York in February....and I am counting. down. the. days.  

-photographs by .natasha.-


Currently Loving...

{Club Monaco, Holiday 2010}

I went into Club Monaco last week "to browse".  I did not expect that to be quite so difficult a task.  While I've always loved their stuff, especially after joining the 9-5 workforce, the Holiday 2010 collection is GORGEOUS.  Everywhere I looked there were ruffles, fur, sequins, knits and silk.  How perfect are the outfits above?  I want them all.  I'm trying to come up with a budget before I go back.  Even with their amazing 20% student discount, this could be dangerous.  


Dressed for the Holidays

Holiday party season is fast approaching and with it the need for pretty little dresses to wear to all of the festivities.  For me, the lead-up to Christmas is all about excitement & fun and I like to try and dress accordingly.  Two of the trends that I always like for holiday party-wear are red and sequined dresses.  Paired with black tights and high, high heels they're perfect for any winter party....and you'll always stand out in a crowd.

  1. Lanvin for H&M Red Ruffle Dress $199
  2. Miss Selfridge Red Cotton Sateen Dress $62
  3. French Connection Wendy Cotton Ruffle Dress $200
  4. Alice + Olivia Sequined Mesh Tube Dress $365
  5. Topshop Curve Sequin Shift Dress $250
  6. French Connection Morning Star Knits Dress $268


Remember Now

"Yes, some people say to me you're too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds..." -Karl Lagerfeld

Seriously, I love him.  He's constantly quotable, and a complete creative genius.  So although I acknowledge that it's been out since May, here's a look at Karl Lagerfeld's short film Remember Now.  Beautiful people, lovely clothes & the south of France - j'adore.


Angels On Parade

{Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2010}

This post pretty much speaks for itself, it's hard to top these photos with a blurb.  The Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show airs Nov. 30th.....are you excited?  Yep, I think we all are.  Here's a sneak peek from the live show in New York last night.  It's unreal - it's always unreal.  Even the runway is made of glitter.  And how cute are the models at the end?  I love that you can tell how much fun they're all having.    

-photographs by Theo Whargo/Getty Images-
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