The September Issues

{Vogue, September Issues, 2011}

For reasons I am completely at a loss to explain, I have been typing, editing and erasing sentences for the better part of an hour.  Can one get writer's block composing a blurb?  Apparently.  And so, the facts are these: 

  • The September issue is the largest and most important to any fashion publication.
  • Vogue's in particular has gained renown, even becoming the subject of a (really good) documentary.
  • Vogue magazine prints monthly in 18 different countries across the globe. 
  • Here are some of their September covers.
  • ...at some point I was going to work the phrase "it's a mod, mod, mod, mod world" into the paragraph in a clever way - why waste it?

-images via Fashionologie-


Monday Macarons

Monday may mean the beginning of the work week for most, but today I am lucky to have a day off to enjoy the newly cooled weather, make a trip to the market for some organic milk & macarons, condo hunt online, and continue a re-reading of Two Solitudes (recommended for any Canadian).

À bientôt, xo.

-image via Club Monaco-


Thakoon For Africa

{Thakoon - Masai Plaid Scarf}

Fashion cares.  You've heard it before, but it's true.  The fashion community has a longstanding history of leveraging their considerable influence to benefit a myriad of charities.  From AIDS, to cancers, to taxidermy shops in Paris, designers love to rally for their causes and put their talents to work for the furtherance of others.  Anna Wintour protégé Thakoon Panichgul is the latest fashioner to throw his hat into the charitable ring, designing a special limited-edition Masai Plaid Scarf in an effort to help children's relief organizations in the Horn of Africa (particularly Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia & Djibouti) provide nutrition to local youths.  The fleece wool scarf's bright red + blue checkered pattern was inspired by the Masai's traditional vibrant garb, but also manages to simultaneously remind me of both Vivienne Westwood Red Label prints and the heavy flannel jackets that the boys I used to go to high school with wear hunting.  If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.  (Seriously though, I think it's gorgeous).  Get the scarf and do some good on Thakoon's e-commerce site here.   

-photograph by Paul Maffi-


Got M.I.L.C.K.?

{Ela - M.I.L.C.K. Clutch}

A good bag elevates any outfit, and that can definitely be said of Toronto-based designer Ela Kowalewska's M.I.L.C.K. (money, ID, lipstick, cell, keys) clutch.  I love the purse's simple sophistication; the asymmetry lends a modern, edgy feel while the quality and overall silhouette translate as classic + chic.  In Ela's own words, the locally hand-fabricated bags "try to showcase rather than upstage the wearer."

Also, her cat Bailey makes me feel better about Jeff's weight (he's getting pudgy y'all).

-images via Ela-


Jack Layton. Last Words.

Early yesterday morning I was deeply saddened and surprised to learn that Jack Layton, one of Canada's greatest political leaders, had succumbed to his courageous battle with cancer.  Perhaps, the news should not have been such a shock - in late July Jack had been forced to step down from his position as leader of the NDP in order to focus on his ongoing struggles with his health.  Nonetheless, I cannot say that it was a message I had prepared for. 

Jack presented his illness to the public in the same way he did everything else: with unwavering confidence, belief and conviction of a positive outcome.  Throughout his political career he was an advocate for change, reform, and hope for a better and greater Canada.  In an age where politicians and insincerity have become synonymous, Jack Layton was a man whom people, regardless of their political affiliation, trusted & believed.  Of all our national leaders, he seemed the most naturally suited to the job; delivering his speeches emphatically, always energetic and smiling as he greeted crowds, notoriously willing to stop in front of any and every camera in order to deliver his party's message.

With his passing the country suffers a tremendous loss.  A loss of a leader whose magnetism ascended the NDP to the forefront of the political stage as the official party of the opposition.  A loss of a man who succeeded where many had failed in uniting support nation-wide by garnering endorsement with French as well as English-speaking Canadians.  A loss of someone who represented optimism for the future, and inspired his fellow countrymen, myself included, to join him in persevering for our common betterment.  As Jack wrote in his final letter, "Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world.  We can be a better one - a country of better equality, justice, and opportunity."

Above are some great posters by Stuart Thursby with quotes from Jack's last two open letters to the public.  You can click on them for the full-resolution printable versions (up to 11" x 17"), and see the rest on Stuart's website here.      

RIP Jack.  You will be missed but not forgotten.


The Bare Necessities

Last week I tried experimenting with changing up my skin care routine and it was an unqualified disaster. My face feels as thin and dry as a piece of paper, and I'm grumpy, and grateful for a couple of days off to hang around the house, slathered in moisturizer (see no. 7), recuperating.  My misadventures have made me appreciate the products that I've come to rely on, and in some cases have been saving graces for a girl with sensitive skin and over-processed hair.  Here's my list of the beauty basics that I use constantly and consistently.  Let me know if you have any faves....I always like a good recommendation :)   
  1. MAC Cremewash $20
  2. NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder $33
  3. L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara $10
  4. Metropolis Technology T-Ion Digital Tourmaline Curling Iron 1.25" $160
  5. Lypsyl Cherry Lip Balm $2
  6. MAC Select Cover-Up (I use NW20) $17
  7. Vichy Normaderm Pro-Mat Ultra-Mattifying Oil Free Lotion $22
  8. GHD Professional 1" Styler $225
  9. Icon Cure Leave-In Replenishing Spray $20


Currently Loving...

{An Adorable Photo Of Emma Stone}

{Framed Art}

{Runway Lights At NYFW}

{Contemporary Design In A New York Loft}

{Chanel's  Beauty Campaign}


Move. Eat. Learn.

I first came across these clips on my friend Lauren's blog Eyes/Ears/Mouth+Lens and remember thinking "I'm so going to steal this post."  But the days came and went, and with them my memory of the short videos I so adored.  Until last night I by chance stumbled upon them elsewhere in the blogosphere, bringing back to mind the 3 little films that made me smile and think back to my time traveling, and how MUCH I really, really, REALLY need to do it again.  Really.  Soon.  


The Tents

With New York Fashion Week less than a month away excitement is already mounting for the American shows, and the annual celebration of Fashion's Night Out Sept. 8th.  As preparations for the events are underway at Lincoln Center, a new documentary is set to premiere paying homage to NYFW's former home - Bryant Park, a city park less than a block long whose name, and big white tents, have become synonymous with runway shows & fashion in America.  Aptly named "The Tents" James Belzer's film depicts the magnificent rise of Fashion Week in New York, and the spectacular success it enjoyed at Bryant Park, even as the venue proved less and less suitable to host.  While the move to Lincoln Center continues to get mixed reviews, it's nice to have a film capturing the latest chapter in fashion history and forever immortalizing The Tents.  
{Setting Up The Tents F/W 2006, New York}
{Runway Practice At Tommy Hilfiger F/W 2010, New York}
{Vera Wang Rehersal F/W 2010, New York}
{Bryant Park Main Tent F/W 2006, New York}


One Dave Hill Is Funny, The Other Takes Great Photos

While browsing around through other blogs I came across this photo of Dave Hill, thought it was hilarious, and tweeted his quote "Dance like only a few people are watching and they have paid good money to see it.  And also, you really need the money.".  A google search of "Dave Hill" revealed that not only is Dave Hill the comedian super talented, but also Dave Hill the photographer.  Those Dave Hills, so accomplished.  

-photography by Dave Hill-


Meet Me In Montauk

The boundaries between interior and exterior are dissolved in this amazing Montauk beach house by Steven Harris Architects, designers of this previously blogged about Croatian cottage.    

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