Pretty Pretty Princess

As I mentioned last week, I'm not really caught up in all the Royal Wedding to-do.  Surprisingly, for a girl with a (primarily) fashion blog, I'm not even especially curious about what Kate Middleton is going to wear.  I read an article this week that maintained that referring to her as a "Fashion Icon" may be a bit premature, and I'm inclined to agree with the author.  Kate Middleton is pretty, she always dresses appropriately....but it's just that - appropriate.  Fashion Icons are fearless, fun, risky, bold.  They are the Anna Dello Russos, the André Leon Talleys, the Daphne Guinesses of the world.  And while I'm sure that the dress will be beautiful, and the wedding will be lovely, it all just seems a little boring.  Cause let's face it, Wills and Kate are a little boring.  Unlike Princess Diana, who wed Charles in  this spectacular, if slightly ridiculous, princess dress; 40 yards of ivory silk taffeta and antique lace, with bows galore, and a train 25 feet long.  Fun, and bold, and perfect.      

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Kate En Vogue

Kate Moss is short for a model, she has freckles, there's nothing special about her hair, she's known to party, and has a habit of being photographed without her shirt on.  And for these reasons, and many more, I adore her.  And so does Vogue Paris.  Just how many times has the top model graced the cover of the world's most important fashion magazine?  15.  13 years and 15 appearances on the front page makes one thing is clear....Kate Moss is our favorite Scandaleuse Beauté.

-images via Vogue Paris-


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Beauty Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow

Beauty Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow, because she always looks so pretty, fresh faced and graceful.  But mostly because I love her limp blonde hair, and how it makes me embrace my own's perpetual lack of volume.

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Colour Coordination

{Miscellaneous F/W 2011, New York}

Ok, as I mentioned in this older post, I'm a little OCD - my books are alphabetized, my mug handles all face the same direction in my cupboards, and my closet is organized by both garment type and colour.  Which is why when one of my friends was nice enough to forward me the cute video below on colour coordinated bookcase organization, she knew that I'd love it.  And while I still haven't braved tackling my own bookshelves (yes, because I'm not sure how I feel about disrupting the current alphabetical order), it did inspire me to organize all the miscellaneous images I still had left on my computer from New York Fashion Week.  I love scrolling up and down looking at the spectrum of the designs...and it reminds me of this issue of Vogue Paris that I was dying to get my hands on awhile back! 

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