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{Kiev, Ukraine}

Last week photos of Lviv started popping up on my instagram feed making me take note of the fact that the Ukraine, a country I hadn't previously given much thought to, is kind of gorgeous.  Fast forward a few days and I ended up on Travel Notes (by way of the lovely Lauren at Eyes/Ears/Mouth + Lens), a travel blog created by two talented photographers who lived the dream on their honeymoon, spending six months touring abroad.  There again, the Ukraine made an appearance echoing the previous images I'd seen in the haunting slavic beauty of its Eastern European architecture.  Pictured are some of their shots of Kiev, view the rest of their posts on the Ukraine (and many other locations) here.

-images via Travel Notes-


Bachelor Pad

I adore this New York City townhouse.  Located on Jane St., in the heart of Greenwich Village, the property was renovated extensively by its current owner  New York social fixture/eligible bachelor John de Neufville, a high-end art collector with an eye for design (...or quite possibly a knack for hiring great designers).  

I just want to exist in that first bedroom + master bath.


Nuit Blanche '12

{Nuit Blanche 2012, Toronto}

As it turns out, Nuit Blanche is a bit of a nightmare.  It's such an amazing concept; an all-night city-wide exposition of art exhibits, open to the public to roam until the sun rises.  It sounds beautiful.  It looks beautiful in photographs, and video.  In reality it seems to be an event unique in its ability to draw out the worst of the worst of Torontonians - the obnoxious ones, the drunken ones, the desperate ones, the crazy ones, it's a little disappointing really.  I suppose though, there is nothing to do.  The art remains amazing as always (see '10 and '11 here and here), and while the in-person viewing experience may be mixed, the images are fantastic, and particularly the video above which is enough to make even my cynical self forget temporarily about the pandemonium of the event Saturday night.

-images via BlogTO-
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