Nuit Blanche '11

Well it's happened, I'm officially a Torontonian.  Which amongst other things has meant that I have been without the internet for an entire week (and dying, obviously), so posts that I was in the middle of have been temporarily abandoned, and coverage of last weekend's Nuit Blanche has had to wait until...now.  As a former Art History major spending her first Nuit Blanche in the big city and living squarely in the middle of Zone A, you might expect that I was bright-eyed and eager to hit the streets for the all-night art affair, but you would suspect wrong.  A full day of moving from one city to the next left this girl ready to call it a day at the uncharacteristically early hour of 9:00 pm.  Thank goodness for photographs.

{The Spoke Club + Evan Tapper, Listening Booth Portrait, 2011}

{Kurt Firla, Elliott Mealia + P0-Mo Inc, Ride The Rocket, 2011}

{Jeremy Jansen + Niall McClelland, Barricades, 2011}

{Camilo Ontiveros, Memorias, 2011}

{Tonya Hart, INFRA, 2011}

{Richard Purdy, L'Écho-l'eau, 2011}

{Usman Haque + Natalie Jeremijenko, Flightpath Toronto, 2011}

{Dave Valliere, Temporary Investments, 2011}

{The Do.Crew, We Are Water, 2011}

-images via Torontoist + BlogTO-


Lauren | Eyes/Ears/Mouth+Lens said...

Welcome to Toronto lady! I can't wait to see you (hopefully soon) - there's always Nuit Blanche in Montreal. Book off that weekend because we're going.

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