I'm Not Always There When You Call, But I'm Always On Time

I haven't owned a watch in years (who needs one with a cell phone?), but finally decided to get back on the bandwagon after a couple of my sisters got really pretty ones by Michael Kors.  A few months of debating on the MK website later, and I finally picked mine out; a big white face, and a shiny silver band that matches all my Tiffany jewelry so I can chunk it all together on my wrist.  Perfect :) 


A Colourful Anniversary

{Gucci F/W 2011, Milan}

Of all the F/W shows this season, to me one stood out head and shoulders above the others - Gucci.  Marking their 90th anniversary, house designer Frida Giannini revealed two major influences: photographer Bob Richardson's works featuring Anjelica Huston (see some here), and musical it-girl Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. With rich, vibrant colours, glamorous gowns, electric fur stoles, hand-dyed silk flowers and everything from polka dots to patent-leather, Gucci's spectacle was one to remember...a fitting commemoration of 90 years of luxury & style.   

-images via style.com-


I Love The Whole World, And All Its Sights & Sounds

They aren't new, but I love these ads for the Discovery Channel  Boom de ah dah.


Up In The Air

These aerial photographs were taken by pilot & photographer Alex MacLean, a former architecture student at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design.  While enrolled at Harvard MacLean took a course on community planning, exposing him to urban geography and the unique point of view one has of it from the sky.  Fascinated by the American landscape, and the physical consequences & influences of human intervention within nature, he got his commercial pilot's license and began shooting out of the window of a plane.  In his photographs we get to see some of the mesmerizing patterns of our world, imperceptible from where we stand.  Comforting and careful constellations of our impressions on the planet.

-photography by Alex MacLean-


The Shoe Win

Favorite Super-Heroine Shoes?


Darkness In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Over the course of the past four days, it has become with greater and greater clarity apparent, the level of destruction and devastation occurring as a result of the 9.0 level earthquake and subsequent tsunamis in the country of Japan.  While the earthquake itself was catastrophic, it is the aftermath that is proving to be the true ordeal for the people of, particularly Northern Japan, as they watch their cities get washed away in great floods of deluging ocean tides, and deal with the very real possibility of an impending nuclear meltdown in Fukushima.  Throughout it all, what has been truly admirable has been the calm, stoic comportment of the Japanese people, by all accounts remaining astonishingly respectful of one another, and handling the ruin with a level of organization and efficiency that is entirely remarkable in the face of such adversity.  In the chaos, Japan has stood strong and shown its tenacity and character. 

In case you haven't seen them yet here are some important images of what's been going on:

- A comprehensive collection of photos from The Big Picture
- Before & after satellite images via The New York Times  
- Home movie of a tsunami destroying Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture

Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely also wrote this first-hand account of her experience in Tokyo.

In Canada you can help out by making a donation to the Red Cross online here, or even more easily just by texting the word ASIA to 30333 to make a one-time donation of $5.  

I'm lying in my bed right now, warm and safe under the covers.  Munich and Jeff are curled up at my feet sleeping, scented candles are burning on my bedside table, flickering light around the room.  And as I pull my duvet up a little tighter in my lovely, vanilla-scented apartment, it seems surreal to think that a world away people's lives are falling apart.  How blessed I am to be where I am right now.  

起死回生 - "Wake from death and return to life" -Japanese proverb.  Pray for Japan.    


Happy Friday/Home Life

This photograph reminds me of life at my house.  Pets lounging in my lovely, comfy bed while I am always having to get out of it.  I also love that round magazine basket, I've got to get one.

Have a good weekend...

-image via ELLE decor-


A Cottage By The Sea

Having spent the better part of last week curled up in bed, sicker than I've been in years, it's nice to finally be out of it and feeling (for the most part) back to normal again.  And it's equally nice that the weather finally seems to be letting up and staying above the freezing mark.  I feel like we're due for spring, and while moderate temperatures and rain will do for now, it's hard not to get prematurely excited for all-out summertime.  Cottaging's by far the best part of summers in Ontario, but looking through these photos I can't help but wish that I could be traveling over to this one by the sea in Croatia.  I love the combination of the rustic framework with the contemporary decor.  It has so many great details; the beams, the fireplace, the stone walls, the VIEW.  Ahh...

-images via Full House-


Snapshots of Paris

{The Entire Design Team At Dior Takes The Stage In Lieu Of John Galliano}

{A Model Opens The Lanvin Show Under The Shadow Of A Weeping Willow}

{Dries Van Noten's Palatial Catwalk At The Hôtel De Ville}

{Mirrored Runway At Le Grand Hotel For The Roland Mouret Show}

-images via The Cut-


It's Understood That Hollywood Sells Californication

I spent the better part of an hour yesterday going through images on the website of one of Hollywood's hottest young photographers, Tyler Shields...probably best known for his shoot of Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace.  Artistic, violent, edgy, passionate - there was no shortage of great shots.  Above are some of my favorites (and one of Lindsay, for reference).

-Photographs by Tyler Shields-
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