A Cottage By The Sea

Having spent the better part of last week curled up in bed, sicker than I've been in years, it's nice to finally be out of it and feeling (for the most part) back to normal again.  And it's equally nice that the weather finally seems to be letting up and staying above the freezing mark.  I feel like we're due for spring, and while moderate temperatures and rain will do for now, it's hard not to get prematurely excited for all-out summertime.  Cottaging's by far the best part of summers in Ontario, but looking through these photos I can't help but wish that I could be traveling over to this one by the sea in Croatia.  I love the combination of the rustic framework with the contemporary decor.  It has so many great details; the beams, the fireplace, the stone walls, the VIEW.  Ahh...

-images via Full House-

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lark + linen said...

ahh spring fever is kicking in hardcore over here too

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