The Tents

With New York Fashion Week less than a month away excitement is already mounting for the American shows, and the annual celebration of Fashion's Night Out Sept. 8th.  As preparations for the events are underway at Lincoln Center, a new documentary is set to premiere paying homage to NYFW's former home - Bryant Park, a city park less than a block long whose name, and big white tents, have become synonymous with runway shows & fashion in America.  Aptly named "The Tents" James Belzer's film depicts the magnificent rise of Fashion Week in New York, and the spectacular success it enjoyed at Bryant Park, even as the venue proved less and less suitable to host.  While the move to Lincoln Center continues to get mixed reviews, it's nice to have a film capturing the latest chapter in fashion history and forever immortalizing The Tents.  
{Setting Up The Tents F/W 2006, New York}
{Runway Practice At Tommy Hilfiger F/W 2010, New York}
{Vera Wang Rehersal F/W 2010, New York}
{Bryant Park Main Tent F/W 2006, New York}

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