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 {Les Bassins}

 {Institut Culturel Suédois}

 {Jardin de Roses}

 {Vue de Belleville}


 {The Old Graveyard}

 {Valley Reykjadalur}

{Whale Watching}

Photographer Ami Sioux had an amazing idea for a book.  She asked 50 people living in Reykjavik, Iceland to draw maps of their favorite places in the city, and then she followed the maps to find and photograph them.  Last year she did the same thing in her home base of Paris.  The results are Reykjavik 64º08N 21º54W and Paris 48º49N 2º29E, travel/photography books filled with the cities' hidden gems, capturing the places and experiences that have become significant to their inhabitants and serving as a sort of resident's guide.  The photographs are amazing, but what I really love is that she included all the hand-drawn maps that accompany them, each with its own personalized character and charm.

-images via Ami Sioux-


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