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See that list over there on the right?  The one titled "Les Fabuleux"?  It's my blogroll!  One of the nicest thing about the blogging community is the support that bloggers have for one another.  Case in point: the Stylish Blogger Award.  If you follow multiple blogs you've probably seen this passed around the blogosphere.  It gives bloggers a chance to feel recognized and in turn recognize some people of their own.  I received one a couple weeks ago from Jacquelyn over at lark + linen (thanks again!).  There are several "rules" associated with the award, but I'm going to break them a little and instead use this as an opportunity to draw your attention over to Les Fabuleux, and in particular a few of my daily reads that illustrate what an amazing medium online blogging really is!

The above photo is from the first post by lark + linen blogger Jacquelyn that I can remember reading; an inspiration post on chalkboard walls that I happened to come across the week that I was painting mine in my front entry.  When two days later she listed cheese plates, Christmas Starbucks, cashmere and road trips as part of her "one hundred things" (that make her happy) series I had an feeling that this was a blog I would continue following.  In the months since lark + linen has become one of my favorite daily reads, with lovely photography in Jacquelyn's recurring "scenes from my weekend" feature and amazing pieces on the likes of fireplaces, concrete tubs, industrial design and Swedish interiors amongst others (not to mention, a post on the Parisian Ralph Lauren store that I wish had been my own).        

The first blog I ever followed and probably my biggest inspiration to start my own.  The list of why I love Cupcakes and Cashmere could go on and on: amazing outfit posts, gorgeous original photography, great collages...  Emily's blog gives you a little window in to her life and makes you feel like she's your fabulous online best friend.  It's still one of my biggest inspirations for what I want my blog to be, and the first link I click on every morning.  

If I could pick one person whose career I want, it's Tommy Ton.  The amazingly talented photographer from Toronto travels the world shooting street style and fashion shows for style.com and GQ amongst others and his work is entirely phenomenal.  He showcases some of the best on his blog Jak & Jil.    

The Coveteur brings you into the lives of the fashion executives behind your favorite brands and magazines.  Along with a little bio and list of digital inspirations are fantastic, whimsical photos of some of their favorite things.  A must to check out.

There are so many great European fashion blogs, but my favorite is afterDRK.  Blogger Sabrina is girl next door beautiful and has great taste, which she shares in her many outfit posts, shot on the streets of Amsterdam.  Her blurbs are interesting and concise and her photography (by herself & her boyfriend) is absolutely fantastic.  

Where to start with we live young...  When I first stumbled upon this photography blog I read every post Nirrimi had ever written in one sitting.  The 18-year old Australian is a spectacularly talented photographer, but what's more she's one of those fantastically bohemian free-spirits whose musings make you reevaluate your own life and priorities.  Her prose in the "just blogging" posts is beautifully written and I'm in total awe of how bravely she opens her life to her readers with complete honesty and candidness.

In this case, the name really does say it all.  This Is Glamorous is unapologetically girly, glitzy and glam. With cursive pink post headers and picture upon picture of all things fabulous, it's been one of my longtime favorite sites.  Lovely, charming and beautiful - always.  

The queen of personal style blogging.  Rumi Neely has a style that is so uniquely her.  She travels the world, appearing at fashion shows, collaborating with designers, and being featured in magazines across the globe.  The photography featured on the site (by herself and boyfriend Colin Sokol) is wonderful and artistic, and Rumi herself makes a great model.  One of the things I love the most about Fashion Toast?  She always looks like she's having so much fun.  And who wouldn't in Rumi's shoes?     

Every visit to Maison des Rêveries ends with me googling the menu of a new restaurant.  New York fashion & food blogger Gennie's posts take you to independent restaurants across NYC (and occasionally other US cities) with great photos of amazing-looking food, as well as shots of her personal style.  

Carolina Engman's personal style blog reads like a fashion magazine.  A beautiful, tall blonde girl wearing the season's hottest trends & top designers in gorgeous editorial photographs.  One of the best and most professional blogs out there.  
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