Backstage Pass

{Mark Leibowitz, Backstage At Galliano}

While recently going through photographs on the website of the incredibly talented Mark Leibowitz, I came across these single-shot long-exposure photos that he took backstage over the course of two John Galliano shows in 2008 & 2009.  Leibowitz eschewed the traditional "fashion show shots" and produced photographs that are artful, creative and completely arresting & unique.  I love all of the colours, the sense of motion and how the images have a distinct painterly quality to them.  Leibowitz wanted to capture not just the clothes, but the essence of a fashion show - the beauty, mahem and chaos that goes on backstage.  To find beauty & elegance amidst the pandemonium.  His work "Backstage At Galliano" was exhibited privately in New York, but the the limited edition prints are also available to view  online at leibowitzbackstage.  

-photographs by Mark Leibowitz-
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