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One of my New Year's resolutions is to cook more.  Right, to cook at all.  Since I'm probably the only person in North America to not own a microwave, the few times I've turned on my stove has been to do things like heat up apple cider, or the kettle...and once (twice) to make Kraft Dinner.  Although to be fair I do make avocado toast pretty often.  But now, with my kitchen newly outfitted with a dining table, I'm actually enjoying spending time in there, and am embracing the fact that I'm long overdue for settling into a more domestic eating routine.  What Katie Ate is an amazing food/photography blog (my sister made her Chocolate Guinness Cake for my birthday, as posted here) where I came across these great recipes to start out my foray into home-cooking.  Also on Katie's site - this photo of the most delicious-looking hot dog (again with the avocado obsession) I've ever seen, causing me to add a visit to NYC's Crif Dogs to the itinerary for February's New York trip.
{"Chihuahua" Crif Dog}

-images via What Katie Ate-


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